Initializes a matrix_handle_t object to default values.

Description and Assumptions

The oneapi::mkl::sparse::init_matrix_handle function initializes the matrix_handle_t object with default values.


namespace oneapi::mkl::sparse {

   void init_matrix_handle (oneapi::mkl::sparse::matrix_handle_t *p_handle);


Input parameters


The address of the sparse::matrix_handle_t p_handle object to be initialized. This initialization routine must only be called on an uninitialized matrix_handle_t object.

Output parameters


On return, the address is updated to point to a newly allocated and initialized matrix_handle_t object that can be filled and used to perform sparse BLAS operations.


This routine shall throw the following exceptions if the associated condition is detected. An implementation may throw additional implementation-specific exception(s) in case of error conditions not covered here.