A type Index satisfies ParallelForIndex if it meets the following requirements:

ParallelForIndex Requirements: Pseudo-Signature, Semantics


Constructor from an int value.

Index::Index(const Index&)#

Copy constructor.



void operator=(const Index&)#



The return type void in the pseudo-signature denotes that operator= is not required to return a value. The actual operator= can return a value, which will be ignored.

bool operator<(const Index &i, const Index &j)#

Value of i precedes value of j.

D operator-(const Index &i, const Index &j)#

Number of values in range [i,j).

Index operator+(const Index &i, D k)#

k-th value after i.

D is the type of the expression j-i. It can be any integral type that is convertible to size_t. Examples that model the Index requirements are integral types and pointers.

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