A type Body satisfies ParallelScanBody if it meets the following requirements:

ParallelScanBody Requirements: Pseudo-Signature, Semantics

void Body::operator()(const Range &r, pre_scan_tag)#

Accumulates summary for range r. For example, when computing a running sum of an array, the summary for a range r is the sum of the array elements corresponding to r.

void Body::operator()(const Range &r, final_scan_tag)#

Computes scan result and summary for range r.

Body::Body(Body &b, split)#

Splits b so that this and b can accumulate summaries separately.

void Body::reverse_join(Body &b)#

Merges the summary accumulated by b into the summary accumulated by this, where this was created earlier from b by splitting constructor.

void Body::assign(Body &b)#

Assigns summary of b to this.

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