Releases internal data and sets matrix_handle_t object to NULL.

Description and Assumptions

The oneapi::mkl::sparse::release_matrix_handle releases any internal data that the matrix_handle_t object holds and sets it with defaults values, otherwise it throws an exception. The routine also waits for the dependencies to be finished before releasing any data in case of USM.


namespace oneapi::mkl::sparse {

   void release_matrix_handle (oneapi::mkl::sparse::matrix_handle_t  handle,
                               const std::vector<sycl::event>        &dependencies = {});


Input parameter


Handle to object containing sparse matrix and other internal data. Created using one of the oneapi::mkl::sparse::set_<sparse_matrix_type>_structure routines.


List of events that handle depends on. The call waits on the events(if any) before resetting the handle to default values.


This routine shall throw the following exceptions if the associated condition is detected. An implementation may throw additional implementation-specific exception(s) in case of error conditions not covered here.