oneapi::tbb::concurrent_queue is a class template for an unbounded first-in-first-out data structure that permits multiple threads to concurrently push and pop items.

Class Template Synopsis

// Defined in header <oneapi/tbb/concurrent_queue.h>

namespace oneapi {
    namespace tbb {

        template <typename T, typename Allocator = cache_aligned_allocator<T>>
        class concurrent_queue {
            using value_type = T;
            using reference = T&;
            using const_reference = const T&;
            using pointer = typename std::allocator_traits<Allocator>::pointer;
            using const_pointer = typename std::allocator_traits<Allocator>::const_pointer;
            using allocator_type = Allocator;

            using size_type = <implementation-defined unsigned integer type>;
            using difference-type = <implementation-defined signed integer type>;

            using iterator = <implementation-defined ForwardIterator>;
            using const_iterator = <implementation-defined constant ForwardIterator>;

            // Construction, destruction, copying

            explicit concurrent_queue( const allocator_type& alloc );

            template <typename InputIterator>
            concurrent_queue( InputIterator first, InputIterator last,
                              const allocator_type& alloc = allocator_type() );

            concurrent_queue( const concurrent_queue& other );
            concurrent_queue( const concurrent_queue& other, const allocator_type& alloc );

            concurrent_queue( concurrent_queue&& other );
            concurrent_queue( concurrent_queue&& other, const allocator_type& alloc );


            void push( const value_type& value );
            void push( value_type&& value );

            template <typename... Args>
            void emplace( Args&&... args );

            bool try_pop( value_type& result );

            allocator_type get_allocator() const;

            size_type unsafe_size() const;
            bool empty() const;

            void clear();

            iterator unsafe_begin();
            const_iterator unsafe_begin() const;
            const_iterator unsafe_cbegin() const;

            iterator unsafe_end();
            const_iterator unsafe_end() const;
            const_iterator unsafe_cend() const;
        }; // class concurrent_queue

    } // namespace tbb
} // namespace oneapi


  • The type T must meet the Erasable requirements from the [container.requirements] ISO C++ Standard section. Member functions can impose stricter requirements depending on the type of the operation.

  • The type Allocator must meet the Allocator requirements from the [allocator.requirements] ISO C++ Standard section.