Change Log

This section describes the API evolution from version to version.

Version 2.5

New in this release:

  • Added mfxMediaAdapterType to capability reporting.

  • Added surface pool interface.

  • Helper macro definition to simplify filter properties set up process for dispatcher.

  • Added mfxExtAV1BitstreamParam, mfxExtAV1ResolutionParam and mfxExtAV1TileParam for AV1e.


  • Clarified HEVC Main 10 Still Picture Profile configuration.

  • External Buffer ID of mfxExtVideoSignalInfo and mfxExtMasteringDisplayColourVolume for video processing.

  • New MFX_WRN_ALLOC_TIMEOUT_EXPIRED return status. Indicates that all surfaces are currently in use and timeout set by mfxExtAllocationHints for allocation of new surfaces through functions GetSurfaceForXXX expired.

  • Introduced universal temporal layering structure.


  • Introduced segmentation interface for AV1e, including ext-buffers and enums.

  • Introduced planar I422 and I210 FourCC codes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Dispatcher: Removed /etc/ from oneVPL search order.

  • mfxSurfaceArray: CDECL attribute added to the member-functions.


  • mfxExtVPPDenoise extension buffer.

Version 2.4

  • Added ability to retrieve path to the shared library with the implementation.

  • Added 3DLUT (Three-Dimensional Look Up Table) filter in VPP.

  • Added mfxGUID structure to specify Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs).

  • Added QueryInterface function to mfxFrameSurfaceInterface.

  • Added AdaptiveRef and alias for ExtBrcAdaptiveLTR.

  • Added MFX_FOURCC_BGRP FourCC for Planar BGR format.

  • Enviromental variables to control dispatcher’s logger.

Version 2.3

  • Encoding in Hyper mode.

  • New product names for platforms:

    • Code name Rocket Lake,

    • Code name Alder Lake S,

    • Code name Alder Lake P,

    • Code name for Arctic Sound P.

    • For spec version 2.3.1 MFX_PLATFORM_XEHP_SDV alias was added

  • mfx.h header file is added which includes all header files.

  • Added deprecation messages (deprecation macro) to the functions MFXInit and MFXInitEx functions definition.