Type Definitions

Structures used for type definitions.



struct mfxExtBuffer

The common header definition for external buffers and video processing hints.

Public Members

mfxU32 BufferId

Identifier of the buffer content. See the ExtendedBufferID enumerator for a complete list of extended buffers.

mfxU32 BufferSz

Size of the buffer.


struct mfxHDLPair

Represents pair of handles of type mfxHDL.

Public Members

mfxHDL first

First handle.

mfxHDL second

Second handle.


struct mfxI16Pair

Represents a pair of numbers of type mfxI16.

Public Members

mfxI16 x

First number.

mfxI16 y

Second number.


struct mfxRange32U

Represents a range of unsigned values.

Public Members

mfxU32 Min

Minimal value of the range.

mfxU32 Max

Maximal value of the range.

mfxU32 Step

Value increment.


union mfxStructVersion
#include <mfxdefs.h>

Introduce the field Version for any structure. Assumed that any structure changes are backward binary compatible. mfxStructVersion starts from {1,0} for any new API structures. If mfxStructVersion is added to the existent legacy structure (replacing reserved fields) it starts from {1, 1}.

Major and Minor fields

Anonymous structure with Major and Minor fields. Minor number is incremented when reserved fields are used. Major number is incremented when the size of structure is increased.

mfxU8 Minor

Minor number of the correspondent structure.

mfxU8 Major

Major number of the correspondent structure.

Public Members

struct mfxStructVersion::[anonymous] [anonymous]
mfxU16 Version

Structure version number.