info Namespace


Interfaces to query information about execution environment.

// Declared in header <oneapi/tbb/info.h>

 namespace oneapi {
 namespace tbb {
     using numa_node_id = /*implementation-defined*/;
     namespace info {
         std::vector<numa_node_id> numa_nodes();
         int default_concurrency(numa_node_id id = oneapi::tbb::task_arena::automatic);
 } // namespace tbb
 } // namespace oneapi


numa_node_id - Represents NUMA node identifier.


std::vector<numa_node_id> numa_nodes()

Returns the vector of integral indexes that indicate available NUMA nodes.


If error occurs during system topology parsing, returns vector containing single element that equals to task_arena::automatic.

int default_concurrency(numa_node_id id = oneapi::tbb::task_arena::automatic)

Returns concurrency level of the given NUMA node. If argument is not specified, returns default concurrency level for current library configuration.